Monday, 24 June 2013

Hello world...

I've finally decided to join the 21st century and start blogging, but why?

It's a good question, especially in the light of advice I was given by an old Fleet Street hack. "Only a fool writes for free" he told me and that wisdom has stalled me on several occasions. So, why start blogging? In brief I think I have something interesting to say. My work as a science communicator, both on the telly and on stage gives me the chance to meet a huge range of fascinating people with amazing jobs. In both lines of my work, there is a lot of waiting, for camera men to tweak lights, for audiences to arrive and so on. During the down time I pump these poor contributors for all the juicy science stories that get overlooked. I hope I can communicate some of this here. 

The tentative plan is for posts it these area:
- Non science popular misconceptions
- Scientific mythology
- Lesser known history of science nuggets
- Close encounters of the scientific kind thanks to the One Show
- The inside track on the making of Heath Robinson props. 
- Random rants, geekery and cephalopod related news

That should keep me busy....

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