Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Christmas Science - Winning the Monopoly

Is there a way to play a game of Monopoly in under an hour? And what’s the best winning strategy?

Christmas time is a time for families and a time where you want to spend quality time with your loved ones (or possibly reading my new book). So the idea of playing a fun board game seems like a great idea - right? Well that depends on what you play...

Monopoly is a game whose origins can be traced back over 100 years to 1903. As such, while it is a classic game it is now seen, in the light of modern board game design, as a horribly clunky and flawed game. There are thousands of more modern board games that will entertain your family - if you are interested in spreading your board game wings, check out Shut up and Sit Down or my own son's site for reviews.

However, if you must play it, you can get a game in under an hour if you actually play using the rules as written and one new addition to the game. In 2007 Parker Brothers introduced the speed die to the game. This makes it more likely that each turn you get a chance to do something meaningful (buy a property, build a house, advance your strategy), which gets the game moving much quicker.

On top of this - make sure you play with the auctioning rules that ensure that the first time a property is landed on somebody gets to buy it. Finally, do not play with any house rules that keep money flowing back into the game. Most noxious of these types of house rules is the Free Parking pot of money. In the official rules, the Free Parking space does nothing at all. Keeping it that way will speed up your game.

When it comes to how to win Monopoly, there are many clever stratagems but the simplest is to buy as much as you can as soon as you can. If you land on it, buy it. Whenever anything comes up for auction, get it if you can. Then slap as many houses and hotels onto the board as you can afford. With luck you opponents will have to start paying up before you run out of money


  1. One of the safest ways to win is beg, borrow and undercut until you have the Orange group. This set provides the best money-rent combination and is the second most landed squares in the game. (Jail is the first as there's multiple "Go To") [Orange is 6,8,9 squares away (2 of the major doubles they are likely to roll]
    Once you have Orange, hotel them as fast as you can (keeping one house spare in case of bad moves) - then move to Stations and Yellows. Statistically, you're assured of winning at that point.
    We call this "Smoker's Corner" strategy because of Marlboro Road.

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