Invisible Worlds Show

A microscopical journey into the unseen
Take a journey from everyday life, down into the realm of microscopical wonders with Marty Jopson, the BBC One Show’s resident scientist. The adventure begins with things you can almost see but soon you will find yourself in a world totally invisible to the unaided eye. Marty will take you from the very beginnings of microscopy, through hugely magnified insects, bacteria and plants to the most up to date fluorescent techniques demonstrated live on the stage. A show not just full of stunning images, but interactive demonstrations and samples harvested from the audience. You have been warned! A full version of this show can be watched here.

“Marty Jopson is a fantastic performer, who is 
always popular with audiences at the Royal Institution.”
The Royal Instituion of Great Britain

“Marty takes the audience on a journey of discovery but still 
makes sure that they see all of the highlights on the way.”
SciFest, University of Wolverhampton

Price: Quote supplied on request.
Duration: Approximately 1 hour.
Audience: Adults, family groups, children (7+), schools (KS2 and up).
Minimum Space: 3m x 2m minimum.
AV requirements: Data projector with audio and radio mic for larger venues.
Other requirements: Mains power, 2 tables and parking.
Download:  Information sheet.

This show is supported by Zeiss, global leaders in the manufacture of microscopes.