Dangerous Equations Show

Or how to use maths to avoid being horribly maimed.
Join Marty Jopson, the BBC One Show's resident science bloke as he places himself in grave personal danger for your entertainment. Watch in horror as Marty sets fire to his own hand and introduces the audience to the Pendulum of DOOM, featuring special guest performer Mr Spiky. Using some cunning equations, Marty explains how a bit of fluffy string can travel at 900 miles per hour, the science of seriously loud explosions and the maths of a karate chop. Will his steely nerve and a set of equations be enough to keep him from harm? Only one way to find out. Note, some fully risk assessed audience participation will be sought.

“OMG! I couldn’t shut my son up after the Marty Jopson show.
It was all that he talked about all day.”
Love STEM, Bradford University

Price: Quote supplied on request.
Duration: Approximately 1 hour.
Audience: Adults, family groups, children (7+), schools (KS2 and up).
Minimum Space: 6m x 4m.
AV requirements: Data projector with audio and radio mic for larger venues.
Other requirements: Parking, 1 table, mains power. Includes naked flames.
Download: Information sheet.