Mobile Teardown

Just what's inside your mobile phone?
Join Marty Jopson, the science bloke off the telly, as he pries open and investigates a piece of ubiquitous technology - the mobile phone. Do you know what your phone is made from? This show reveals what’s inside, how bits of it works and what it all means for the planet. An interactive show about surprising science, forceful demos, electronics, microscopic motors and rainbow crystals. It’s all about deploying delicate and highly technical equipment - and a hammer.

“Marty brings an energy to our event which helps to capture our young visitors imaginations, which is not an easy thing to do!”
The Big Bang UK Young Scientists & Engineers Fair

Price: Quote supplied on request.
Duration: Approximately 1 hour.
Audience: Adults, family groups, children (11+), schools (KS3 and up).
Minimum Space: 6m x 3m.
AV requirements: Data projector with audio and radio mic for large venues.
Other requirements: Mains power, 2 tables and parking.
Download: Information sheet.