The Science of Being Human

My latest book focuses on the Science of Food. It's really good and you should buy a copy, or get the Kindle or Audible version.

The back of the book says:
From topics as diverse as why we have no close biological relatives to some uncomfortable truths about why our bodies die, The Science of Being Human examines the latest science behind some of the less travelled corners of our experience. Discover why it is that needing the toilet helps you concentrate, how bacteria may be influencing your mood , how to spot a liar, and many more fascinating and unusual quirks of the human condition. This tour of not just biology, but also the maths, physics and psychology of being human, will give you a new outlook on your own everyday existence.
Then there are all the questions like:
What did the wobbly Millennium Bridge tell us about the way we walk?
What happens when we interact with the virtual world?
Just how Neanderthal are you and where did all your hair go?
Why is your queue mathematically proven to be slower?
How does the internet make us behave badly?
And - are we still evolving?
You really should get yourself a copy.