The Science of Everyday Life

You can pick up a copy of the paperback of The Science of Everyday Life in dead tree format on Amazon or as a Kindle book. There is also an Audible version of the book, in my own dulcet tones, and a whole slew of excerpts some of which are free. The hardback version is now out of print, so if you find a copy it's a collector's item.

The back of the book says:
In this highly entertaining scientific tour of the world around us, The One Show science and technology presenter and all-round science bloke Marty Jopson addresses conundrums such as: Why do your fingers wrinkle in the bath? Why does thunder rumble? And have you ever wondered why sheep don’t shrink in the rain or why chillies and mustard are both hot but in different ways?This book also serves as a practical guide to life by explaining some of the modern world’s most critical problems, such as how to stop an open bottle of wine from going off (and not just by drinking it), how to avoid a dribblesome teapot, and why you should never keep bread in the fridge.The Science of Everyday Life has the answer to all of these and many more baffling questions about the chemistry and physics of things we use every day.
And it describes me thus:
Marty Jopson has a PhD in Cell Biology and builds science props, but he is best known for his regular appearances as the resident scientist on BBC One’s The One Show.
He does live stage performances around the UK, which involve naked flames and end in a loud bang.
If it's in print it must be true.