Z A P ! Show

Expect a hair raising performance!
Join Dr Marty Jopson, the BBC One Show’s resident scientist as he takes a sparky journey through the story of electricity. Do you know the difference between current and voltage? With the aid of the audience, Marty will explain. From the Ancient Greeks, through Faraday’s genius, this show aims to put the awesome back into electricity. With a one million Volt spark and the crack of a whip, you may think we have electricity tamed, but are you sure? A show chock full of demonstrations: the astonishing floating orb, a light bulb made from a pencil lead and a plucked chicken. There will be at least one explosion. A full version of this show can be watched here.

“You just made a scientist!”
Lancashire Science Festival, U.C.Lan

Price: Quote supplied on request.
Duration: Approximately 1 hour.
Audience: Adults, family groups, children (7+), schools (KS2 and up).
Minimum Space: 6m x 3m.
AV requirements: Data projector with audio and radio mic for large venues.
Health & Safety: Includes naked flames, smoke detectors may need to be isolated.
Other requirements: Mains power, 2 tables and parking.
Download: Information sheet.